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As I write this article mid-February I have no idea whether or not the United Kingdom will be leaving the European Union on March 29th, or whether the date will be delayed to allow more time for any further negotiation that may (or may not) happen.  We may even exit the European Union without a deal and then we will have to wait and see which of the leave or remain commentators will be proven to be right.  What I do know is that everything will change!  Whether you voted to leave the European Union or voted to remain as part of it, everything is going to change.  Will there be a part of our lives that will be untouched by the decision?

We’ve already seen people talking about the impact of medicines, or on imported food goods.  We’ve seen businesses talking about possible moves to other countries.  We have no way of knowing what the situation will be with the Irish border.  What will the impact upon the health service or the hospitality industry?  Will it be good for us or will be a struggle before things start to improve? 

All of the above uncertainty can boil over into resentment – against politicians or against people who disagree with us.  I sat in church this morning for prayer and read this verse, “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.” (John 15:12)  Given where we are now we could rewrite this verse but instead of commanding us to love one another, we could say respect one another.  Biblical love does not always mean agreeing with each other.  I believe that God loves us even when we do things that he doesn’t like, or things he doesn’t agree with.  I believe God loves us even when we go wrong.  If he didn’t love us, then effectively there is no hope.  Yet God does love us, and in that love sent Jesus to die for us so we can be forgiven when we go wrong.  Love often means living with a difference of opinion, or living with different values.  Love means accepting those who are different or think differently.

So as we wait to what actually happens on March 29th, let us go forward together irrespective of where we started.  Let us love one another as Jesus has commanded us to do.



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