Welcome to St Mary the Virgin, Widdington
Well, I am now fully bionic!  That’s what I tell people now that I have had my second cataract operation.  My right eye was ‘done’ last October and the procedure on my left eye happened on 16th January.  It is absolutely amazing what surgeons can do these days!  Not only were the cataracts removed from both of my eyes but a distance prescription lens was inserted into each eye.  I can’t say that I didn’t find each procedure stressful but the results make it worth it.

To put it into context you have to understand that I have been wearing glasses since I was 9, so that’s 47 years in total.  In fact I have very few photographs of myself where I am not wearing glasses, and then it is probably just a really old school photograph.  In fact my whole identity and image of myself was with glasses on.  But no more!  Because of the distance prescription lenses I find that I no longer need to wear my glasses for walking around, watching TV or even driving.  Which means at aged 56 I have been able to buy my first pair of sunglasses.  Astonishing!  I still need to wear glasses for reading & laptop work but I splashed out on a pair from Poundland that does the job well.  Someone had given me a pair but they were not the right strength.  So I can see things clearly without glasses, and the colours and light are that much brighter.  Seeing with different vision has clearly changed my life!

My story could also act as a metaphor for seeing Jesus (or Christianity if you wish).  The gospels contain several accounts where Jesus heals people who are blind, thereby enabling them to see.  When the apostle Paul has his conversion experience on the road to Damascus he is blinded, but we are told that later something like the scales of a fish fell from his eyes enabling him to see again.  Yet the Bible isn’t just talking about seeing the world in all of its colour & brightness, but seeing things spiritually as well.  In his conversion Paul ‘saw’ Jesus for the very first time – not physically as Jesus had already ascended to heaven but spiritually within his mind’s eye.

Sometimes we all need to change our vision, or change our perception to see Jesus in the world around us; whether it be the beauty of creation or the good deeds done by family and/or friends.  It is my encouragement and hope that you will do that.  If you want to see and experience Jesus but are struggling then please contact me and I can help.  My vision changed, and it was amazing – my life changed for the better.  Change your vision – see Jesus who is amazing and let your life be changed for the better.